(Decentralized social media)

Most people familiar with me, even as an artist know that I am a big advocate for decentralized social media. (If you haven’t heard about decentralized social media before watch the video below)

Recently I’ve actually been invited and gone to events where I lecture about decentralized social media. Been a pretty good response, and it seems more are interested which makes me happy.

This also means that I’ll likely do a lot more of these lectures in the future, and because of this I’ve started an extra project. It’s called

This is the mascot of (Snabel is the norwegian word for trunk)

This project, is a website or a version of the mastodon network ment to be a flagship website focused on introducing decentralized social media to norwegian folks. Currently we are at 16 users already so we are growing fast! (If you are not norwegian and reading this, don’t be afraid! Everyone are covered on

A view into how the website looks as a user. There are phone apps for it too!

If you know anyone from Norway or are norwegian yourself I highly advice you to join us on snabelen, and if you are from a organization or similar and would like to invite me to have a lecture about decentralized social media you can contact me at

And of course snabelen doesn’t run for free and is up at a cost for me, so if you want to keep the project going or just support it you can do that on the snabelen patreon.

(So this is the update for now, there are a lot more stuff to update you folks on but I try to focus on all the work for now. And thanks to my patreons that are supporting me through all my work.)

End of the year update and new years resolutions

Hey, guess what!? I have internet in the new house! Woohoo This means that we are somewhat back to business. Not having internet has made some difficulties but luckily I don’t have to struggle with that anymore.

But more importantly, in this post I want to share my losses and achievements of 2018 and share my plans for 2019 as a way for my lovely supporters to get insight but also to be able to give feedback.

What has been the story so far?

I’ve had this Patreon account for some time, but it wasn’t before Juli I have really went into it; starting with lovely support from a certain someone, and this person will know who they are. Since then I have been able to take art more seriously which I hope that people will notice going forward.

Achievements in 2018

Two-thousand and eighteen has been an exciting year, this is what we have achieved so far in 2018

On Patreon we have

  • Started the patreon properly in Juli
  • Made 15 posts since Juli
  • Made 2 assignments that I think people have found interesting
  • Made 10 videos
  • Made 1 digital resource for Gumroad
  • Gained 5 supporters throughout the year
  • Supported about 90 USD throughout the year

Things that I have done or achieved in general during 2018:

  • Made over 160 digital artworks and loads more traditional sketches. However it is a big dip down from 2017 when I did 237 digital artworks which is about double the amount of pieces, but I attribute that to having to use more time at work and that each of my pieces are more thorough and take longer to make, and I spend longer on each piece.
  • Deleted my accounts on social media profiles that I don’t like; like ArtStation and Instagram. Kept DeviantArt as I have a nostalgia for it as I’ve had it since Middleschol.
  • Joined in February. Had a mastodon account on Mastodon before that for a short while on linux-rocks-online.
  • Gained 837 followers on Mastodon.
  • Done 6 commissions
  • Taken down all my videos from Youtube and started hosting all my videos on Peertube on the instance.
  • And on that Peertube account we have 28 followers, 17 on the sub-account.
  • Also participated in the Unreal bjornament 2018 that was hosted by Björn Hurri, and got to the third round.
  • Hosted Sinix’s Thunderdome for 2018

Things I did not do as well as I’d like on

  • Didn’t complete the Inktober 2018 sketchbook like I did in 2017
  • Didn’t finish an artwork for the International self-portrait day the 1 st. of November
  • Haven’t finished all the patreon rewards in time
  • Haven’t made videos as consistently as I’d like to

But what about 2019?

I have grand goals for 2019. Now, I will focus more on a traditional job than before, but I will be more serious and efficient with my art as a job in 2019. I have already created a bank account for my art business and I am working on budgeting and organizing much more how I do things.

Now with these goals I’m not like desperate to have more followers and stuff, but if I want to do art full-time I will have do these things, and therefore I set goals for me to achieve. Next year I will go through these goals and see if I made it or not.

Goals for 2019

  • Make more than 230 digital artworks
  • Post a video every month
  • Figuring out how I can start streaming
  • Gaining 20 supporters on patreon
  • Earn over 360 USD from Patreon in the whole year
  • Earn 30 USD each month
  • Get 20 commissions
  • Getting done freelance work for companies, particularly for open-source type projects
  • Get on Krita’s artist feature
  • Get 2000 followers on Mastodon
  • Make stuff to sell (Like prints, stickers and the like) and sell it at events or online
  • Set up a online store
  • Do Inktober 2019
  • Do International self-portrait day 2019
  • Get past the third round in the 2019 Unreal Bjournament
  • Do 4 projects
  • Make 6 portfolio pieces

There are more stuff I am working on in the background, but like projects and stuff I don’t really want to talk about before actually finishing it and releasing it. But I hope this has been insightful and exciting seeing the progress we have made!

I’ve taken a vacation from the 20th of December until 1 st. of January, so see you until then. I’ll probably be in the discord and on Mastodon, but I won’t be doing any actual work during my vacation. I’ll use mine to charge and be awesome for 2019. 😉

So have a great vacation everyone and have a nice holy-day for those of you that celebrate Christmas. Only because of you I am able to do the things am right now so thank you sincerely.