VaatiVidya, Sakiro, shadows die twice competition and first round of the bjorn Hurri Bjornament

This is my submission to the VaatiVidy, Sakiro: Shadows die twice competition (video about the competition can be seen further below.)

Title: Oceanic drill prosthetic
Description: The player will first have to activate the drill which in the animation will be that the character drags the handle at the top of the forearm like a chainsaw. The player must then do whatever they gotta do with the drill before it stops again. It does well against smaller-human character and flesh in general giving high damage and a satisfying blood spin, however very little effective against blocks and the like.

It will have some gory fantastical kill animations, and it could probably do some cool drilling on an enemy while climbing on them or some shit.

The arm will still be useable using the same attacks just without the spinning and therefore is quite useless without being activated although still doable.

R2 (prosthetic attack): A normal side swing like a sword just with a short range, but very heavy

R2+R1 (Follow up attack): A drilling stab staggering the enemy as they are turned into spaghetti

If you are interested in the challenge you can see the video below. The deadline is today so if you haven’t heard of the challenge by now it’s probably too late.

The unreal bjornament

Round 1 of Bjorn Hurri‘s The unreal bjornament (A art thunderdome) started today and I’ve been paired with a guy called Hefes. There are well over a 100 competitors so this is gonna be tough. The theme this time is “Magical powers”. Gonna be so much fun!

Here is the video from earlier today when he announced it!