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  • Unreal Bjornament season 3
    Yesterday I got defeated in the art competition called the Unrea Bjornament. It's my third year in the competition and I'm kind of bummed about not getting further to be honest, but glad I participated as always. It's a super good environment to push yourself and to improve. In this post you'll find my entries to the competition. What is the Unreal Bjornament? Unreal Bjornament is a "thunderdome" style art competition where participants are … Read more
  • Interviewed by the Krita foundation
    Krita, the painting software I use to make my art has featured me via a written interview on their site! Isn't that a tiny bit cool? Hell yeah it is! I'm a big fan of Krita since my switch to linux (You can read more about it in the interview). Long story short, Krita is a Libre and opensource painting software and is really good for illustrations, drawings and all that stuff. There are … Read more
    The newest ablum by a whale’s lantern is out and I did the cover! I’m so happy to be a part of this project and be able to tell you about it. A whale’s lantern is not your usual band, not a band at all actually. It’s a collaboration project where every album great musicians from around the world are invited to collaborate. Each of the artists are paired in two and two and … Read more
    I’ve released my Krita workspace on gumroad for you to use free of charge. Feel free to send in a couple of cents if you like it though. You can get it here.

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