From lecture about decentralized social media in Gjøvik, 2019.
Credit: Hanna Steinsholm

Who is this person?
Christoffer Tallerås is a free culture, digital rights and environmental activist making often bizarre and other-wordly characters, creatures and fictional places. Loves the outdoors, bicycling and traveling.

Contact information
Aviable for freelance & commissions
Email: contact@christalleras.no
Living and working from Norway in the olympic city of Lillehammer

Social media

Mostly a self-taught artist, but in addition to that I have experience from high-school graduating in Design & architecture at Gjøvik-videregående, and studying creative arts & philosophy at the Nansen Humanistic Academy.

I’m known for only using Free, Libre & Open-source software to produce the digital works of art, however this way of working does not impede on compatibility with clients.