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Me doing a lecture on decentralized social media
Credit: Johannes Wahl Gran

My name is Christoffer Tallerås and I’m a independent content creator from Norway making drawings and illustrations often related to fantasy worlds and other geeky stuff.

In my free time I also do digital rights and environmental activism as well as trying to communicate ethical technologies and why they are awesome.

All my personal art is achieved using libre software and is freely accessible with a creative commons license.

My mission is to spearhead free and open art in to the world in a fun and interesting way.

Besides art I love to traveling and biking.


(2019) A whale’s lantern


(2019) Krita foundation, interview
(2018) Sean Tilley, Getting started with PeerTube


  • by Christoffer Tallerås
    Krita, the painting software I use to make my art has featured me via a written interview on their site!
  • by Christoffer Tallerås
    The newest ablum by a whale’s lantern is out and I did the cover! I’m so happy to be a
  • by Christoffer Tallerås
    I’ve released my Krita workspace on gumroad for you to use free of charge. Feel free to send in a couple of cents if you like it though. You can get it here.