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Email: art@christalleras.no

My name is Christoffer Tallerås and I’m a self-taught digital artist from Norway that worldbuilds and make fantasy illustrations using Linux and other libre software.

In my free time I do digital rights and environmental activism as well as trying to communicate ethical technologies and why they are awesome.

All my personal art is achieved using libre software and is freely accessible with a creative commons license.

My mission is to spearhead the mystical and fantastical art in the spirit of the free, libre and opensource community.

Besides art I love to traveling and biking.

I’ve worked with

(2020) Green youth of Norway


(2020) BindRPG – Core rulebook | Project maintainer
(2019) Portraits by A whale’s lantern | Cover art


(2019) Krita foundation, artist feature interview
(2018) Sean Tilley, Getting started with PeerTube

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